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Odin House Dental Surgery Celebrates Their New Website

Sep 5

Odin House Dental Surgery Announces Their New Website

Odin House Dental Surgery LogoAs one of the top local dentist services in the city, Odin House Dental Surgery’s website was in the works for a while. The leading dentist stated that the new website would boast many features, making it easier for new and existing patients to book an appointment. It will also make the website mobile accessible. The new website is finally out, and according to the dental clinic, it is more than they expected.

The newly unveiled website takes a minimalist approach. It’s easy to read, and booking an appointment takes only a few clicks. Also, most things can be done directly on the home page. Whether a visitor needs to book an appointment, learn more about the dental clinic, or want to post a question, all of this can be done within a few seconds.

Readers can check out the newly revamped website and book a dental appointment with Odin House Dental by visiting

“One of the reasons we decided on the minimalist approach was that everything could be cleanly laid out. We also think that this approach to designing the website reflects our clinic’s approach to treating patients. As the top local dentist, our goal is to help people who have an issue or require a certain procedure, so instead of beating around the proverbial bush, we get straight to the point.” Said a representative for Odin House Dental.

She added, “The minimalist approach also helps Odin House Dental stand out from the crowd. Most dental clinics have shiny websites, but we have one that’s more utilitarian and looks great across all mobile devices. This will make things very easy for all our patients.”

About Odin House Dental

Odin House Dental Surgery is one of the top local dental clinics owned and operated by Dr. Johannes Yap. Established in 1997 in Innaloo, a suburb in Perth, it has undergone many changes, with the most stunning renovation in 2013 and another in 2019. The clinic is now twice the size as when it started. One of the reasons for the clinic’s success is that it is a one-stop destination for all things dental-related. It is also ideally located, five minutes away from the beach. When it comes to choosing a dentist in Perth, Dr. Yap and his dental team know you have many options, and that’s why they work hard to ensure they provide you and your family with the most comprehensive, comfortable, and pleasant dental experiences possible.

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